0.75% Sellers Fee For Blue Light Workers

Riverside Estates is a huge advocate of blue light workers and supports blue light workers in the form of reduced rates for its services.

Riverside Estates greatly appreciates all of the hard work blue light workers provide, on unsociable days, hours, times, weathers and usually in not the best of conditions. 

Subsequently, the team at Riverside Estates wants to help and give back to the fundamental pillars within our community in the form of reduced rates for our services. 

As a blue light worker, you unlock and gain access to heavily reduced sellers fees in the form of 0.75% rather than up to 1.25% to sell your property.

To take advantage of this special rate, please do inform a member of the Riverside Estates team at the point of enquiry.

Often blue light workers have colleagues who are also blue light workers who could also take advantage of this special rate, so please do pass our details on so your co-workers can benefit too. 

You can contact us to arrange your free valuation on 01376 571 111 and or email sales@riversideestates.co.uk