A Website To Represent Quality

Having a well designed, creative online presence is a must in the modern era of business. However, just being ‘online’ isn’t good enough anymore. Everyone is online, so how does a business stand out from the rest?

Riverside Estates wanted to do just that, stand out. The website was informative and had all the necessities required, but it wasn’t ticking all the boxes. The company and the world around the website had moved on and the site was beginning to date. Choosing a company to create a new website that represents the business in all aspects must be thought through. A new website must encapsulate all that is Riverside Estates. The site must represent the quality of listings, excellent customer service and sleek nature of the business, and that’s why Riverside Estates chose Universal Web Design.

Universal Web Design

Universal Web Design are a fellow local Colchester business, with a big reputation. The company, created by Danny Nevill has created over 300 websites and certainly knows a thing or two about good design. With multiple awards under its belt, Universal Web Design is a clear leader, and a clear choice for Riverside Estates. Together the two had the opportunity to launch Riverside Estates into the modern era of online presence. 

Creating a website isn’t as simple as many first think. With ‘home kits’ as such to design your own website freely available, choosing a web design company may not seem logical. However, a well made website isn’t just about looking pretty and containing relevant text. The Google Analytics, site fluidity and back end analytics all contribute to a website that not only looks fantastic, but leads the reader on a journey to find their dream property with Riverside Estates.  Such skill can be carried out by the web design experts at Universal Web Design to aid and improve the SEO, creating a website that is easier to locate. 

Riverside Estates

Riverside Estates is a renowned and reputable estate agents, covering many areas around Colchester and Witham. The estate agent is well regarded within the local area, especially within their specialised niche. In addition to residential properties, Riverside Estates also deal with equestrian and larger Fine and Country homes, helping clients from the initial point of interest through to their surveys and mortgage. Buying, selling or renting a property is always a substantial move, and for many choosing Riverside Estates is a no brainer. 

The firm, with 50 years of property expertise under its belt, wanted to revamp their website, bringing it into the modern day and offer viewers a true reflection of the high quality offered by Riverside Estates. The decision to call upon Universal Web design was easy. The outcome, a clear, informative and stunning website, featuring the latest properties for rent or sale. Going forward, Riverside Estates has a website to truly reflect their services and company, offering viewers a taste of what’s to come with a Riverside Estates sale or purchase.